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23 Feb 2018










EventGo started its activities in 2000 with the first version of its exhibition managing software. In 2005, the company became a Ltd. company. Later, in 2006, EventGo began its first sales to Europe and also established a branch in the U.S., EventGo LLC. 


IAEM President, Mr. Steven Hacker, had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Nachum Ginat, the CEO of EventGo, who provided Mr. Hacker with a demonstration of the software. "I found it to be intuitive, rich with functionality and certainly worth an organizer's time to review it", said Mr. Hacker.

Today, the company serves a wide variety of clients, including include The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, International Convention Center (ICC) - Binyanei HaUma, Clalit (Israel's largest HMO), Cal – Israel Credit Cards, Kfar Hashashuim Toy Stores, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Technologies Group, Tzavta Theater and Cultural Center and the online ticket office, E-Tickets. More customers…


Mr. Nachum Ginat, the company's Founder, President and U.S. CEO, brings to EventGo over 20 years of experience in management of large software projects and advanced databases services. He has previously been employed as a Special Advisor to SQLSERVER in Clalit Healthcare, a Special Advisor to DWH development and a Development Manager in Internet application in DWH in National Insurance Security of Israel, Project Development Manager KMS (knowledge Management Solutions) in Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) and a Finance Division Programmer in Leumi Bank. In addition to a wide variety of courses and advanced studies in the subject of programming and databases, Mr. Ginat has a B.A. in Cinema and Television from the University of Television and Film in Munich, Germany.


Mr. Avi Weissman, EventGo’s Israeli CEO, is a senior information systems manager with over 20 years of practical experience in integrating company-wide systems of software, hardware and infrastructure, including procurement. In his past, he served as a Project Manager and Senior Programmer in the public company ONE1 (TASE: ONE), as an the Information Systems and Purchasing Manager of Aviad, as the Information Systems, Communication and Network Manager of Dafna, and as the Software Product Manager of Percite. In addition to a wide variety of courses and studies in computers and management (e.g. managerial reserves at ONE1) and BA studies in Logics and Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University, Mr. Weissman also holds a diploma in Business Administration for Academics from Bar-Ilan University.