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23 Feb 2018










  EMS - Event Management Solutions



EG-VENUES was developed especially for fair, exhibition and conference centers. The system is adjusted to all kinds of event area size, from a 20 m2 boardroom to a 300,000 m2 conference center.  More info


EG-SHOWS was specifically designed for exhibition centers that organize trade, shows and independent trade show organizers. The system enables a floor plan and a sitting arrangement with a friendly graphic interface for the organizer in any scale of a conference or seminar. The system fits an online registration from a one-time event to hundreds of events. More info


EG-EVENTS is a management system for congresses and conferences, an online registration of participants according to groups and different terms, number of tickets definition for sale, sitting arrangements in a graphic interface. It is continuously updated in real-time. More info


EG-REGISTRATION is an online registration for conferences.  More info


EG-CRM is a full client or club members database management. It is he most suitable solution for anyone who wants to increase the client database significantly, allowing to send SMS, producing labels and emails in a client/club members distribution. More info


In addition, the following software modules can be incorporated into the EMS according to the needs of a specific customer:

EG-INVENTORY is a management system for permanent inventory and temporary inventory. Its inventory definition according to various subjects such as suppliers, categories, quantity limitation and alerts for minimum inventory. More info 


EG- FTM is permanent processes management software in the organization and tasks for every process according to the users. Its graphic interface shows the processes’ progress. More info 


EG- FINANCE is an accounting system for producing deposits, invoices and receipts. It is possible to integrate this solution in each of EventGo’s software products. Its bookkeeping can be implemented in any kind of the client’s existing account systems. More info 


EG-REPORTS is the generic report module that gives a perfect answer to a range of marketing activities as well as printing, exporting to Word and Excel. From the reports, it is possible to send emails with a distribution system of anti-spam. All the reports have several options, such as sending a SMS to the clients' database and producing labels for mail delivery.  More info 



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