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23 Feb 2018











CRM - Customer Relationship Management 

The EG-CRM system is designed forstores, retail chains, free enterprise professionals and any type of service provider that has a customer database of any kind and any size. The system sustains the existing clientele of the company and even drives a customer to return for more purchases by maintaining direct contact with the customers. EventGo's customers report an increase of 40% in sales due to using its CRM solution.


The EG-CRM can be implemented directly in the website of a company, enabling customers to enter and update their details. The systems advantages include:
  • Maintaining a customer database within the CRM solution.
  • Sending out SMS messages according to various segmentations, such as fields of interest, birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Sending emails according to various segmentations in an anti-spam method.
  • Snening out personal letters and producing labels for the customers.
  • The system is Web-based and can be reached from any place and any time.
  • It is a user-friendly system that can be easily implemented, allowing to begin working on it right away.
System's characteristics include:

Customers, e.g. contact persons, memorandums and classifications.

Contracts, e.g. products, payments and correspondence.

Diary divided according to yearly/monthly activities.

Reports, e.g. on contact persons, fields of interest, birthdays, revenues, products and contracts.

Definitions, e.g. by country, state, cities, customer status and positions.

Accounting, e.g. account definitions, values, reports and banks.


Contact details for more information:
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